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Two-thirds of graduates carry over $30K in student loans, 1.5 times the total credit card debt. The federal government can garnish wages for defaulting on student loans without a court order. Filing bankruptcy is not an option, ever.

Falling behind in higher education is the single biggest threat to America’s national security. Economic powers like China are pouring capital into students making leaps in artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet. They are gaining an insurmountable military and economic advantage over the United States.


Donna’s Education for All (EDA):

  • Requires the immediate halt of the current federal loan program(s). Halts interest accrual on existing loans, provides a path to refinance into a new low-interest loan or an option to declare bankruptcy
  • Mandates public education institutions and trade schools to reduce the cost of higher education to half the current cost in four years
  • Establishes a bidding system by which federal funds are awarded to public educational institutions and trade schools that meet and excel in five measurable criteria


EDA offers every student the opportunity for higher education or trade school through a three tiered tuition-free, interest-free and low-interest loan program structured for repayment within a 10 year target. EDA guarantees access to higher education for every American protecting our national security.

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